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BJ Appaloosas
Color and Characteristics


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The Appaloosa breed can provide a colorful horse to meet any equine interest. As with most light horse breeds, within the breed there are bloodlines or families that have become specialists. These bloodlines show a predisposition to specifically desired physical traits and behaviors. For example, some bloodlines are renowned for their speed in racing and gymkhana events; some display exceptional cow sense for cutting and roping; others are jumpers or dressage horses. For the recreational rider, the personable Appaloosa horse offers plenty of variety to meet any interest, taste and pocketbook. 
Appaloosa breeders in Canada have strived to produce high caliber stock. Canadian Appaloosas have been exported all over the world. A number of Canadian breeders have successfully shown their horses at the Canadian National Appaloosa Horse Show and at the World Appaloosa Horse Show, earning various national and world titles. 
The distinctive coat patterns of the Appaloosa horse make him the most easily recognizable of all light horse breeds. The stereotypical colored Appaloosa is a dark body with a spotted white blanket over the loin and hips. Coat patterns vary from the "snowflake" -- darker body with lighter speckling, to the "leopard" with a white body and dark spots over the entire body. Appaloosa horses are easily identified and no two are exactly alike. Appaloosas share three characteristics: mottled or freckled skin, most noticeable around the muzzle, eyes and genitalia; hooves have clearly defined vertical light and dark stripes, a trait that gives them exceptionally durable hooves; and eyes have a white sclera encircling the iris much like that of the human eye.